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Booking Form And Contract For Wedding Photography and Videography,
Ashton Lamont Professional Photo Video

Bride and groom exchange rings during their Berkshire wedding ceremony photographed by Peter Riding of Ashton lamont


How To Book Ashton Lamont For Your Wedding:

  1. Download a printable version of the Booking Form and Contract (PDF document, download free Adobe Reader for PC, or get Android or IOS Adobe Reader App.) n.b. you cannot complete the Booking Form and Contract online as it must be signed by you.
  2. Complete the paperwork as far as you can. Details are double-checked for changes nearer to your wedding date (n.b. All references to weddings also apply to blessings, civil partnerships and renewal of vows. "1st Party" and "2nd Party" may be substituted for "Bride" and "Groom").
  3. Post the paperwork or send a scanned version of the first and the last pages by email attachment to Ashton Lamont.
  4. Pay your Retainer of £250
  5. Peter will confirm your booking and send you a countersigned copy of the paperwork for your own records.


Payment Methods:

  1. Cheque: Payee "Peter Riding trading as Ashton Lamont"
  2. Cash
  3. Credit/debit card: Please call with your card details.
  4. PayPal: via the Ashton Lamont website or by PayPal transfer.
  5. Bank Transfer: Preferred method (online or phone banking).
    Contact Peter for sort code and account number.

Your retainer ("deposit") of £250 and signed contract are required to secure your date.
The retainer forms part of the total cost of your wedding plan (i.e. it is NOT in addition to the cost of your plan) and is deducted when calculating the final balance due. The retainer is refundable during your 14 day “cooling off” period.

Services available at locations within 100 mile round trip by road of Reading.
Extra charges might apply for central London or for locations further afield to cover extra time, travel, and accommodation costs. Please enquire regarding your specific location.


Peter will personally shoot your wedding photos and video:

Peter Riding's business is called Ashton Lamont and he will personally shoot your wedding photos and video

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