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Lacey Maud's Birthday Party Photography Gallery, Party in Barkham Berkshire
© Ashton Lamont Professional Childrens Party Photographers and Videographers

Guests pose for big group photo at Berkshire childrens party

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Background Information and Highlights:

Mate the photos look amazing as always! Thanks so much. Same time next year!

Ashley & Michelle

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Hi, I'm Lacey Maud. Thanks for dropping by to look at the photos from my 1st birthday party.

Mum and dad booked Barkham Village Hall, which is next door to St James Church Barkham Berkshire, and just a short drive from Reading Wokingham and Bracknell. Its brilliant! Big roomy hall and a thumping great lawn to play on - which is totally secure so none of my naughty friends could creep off unnoticed! And a nice big car park for the grown-ups.

We had a bouncy castle on the lawn and inside mum had booked Baby Sensory to keep us busy with all sorts of things. Thanks mum they were brilliant.

We had tons of food and I had two birthday cakes:

Here's me pretending to listen whilst mum explains something everyone of my age already knows!

I know what a sumo wrestler is now!

Why do mums do that? Yes mum I know what bubbles are!

Lots of friends dropped in!

We were so lucky with the weather. Sunny and warm. Perfect for a spot of aerobics on the bouncy castle:

Who says blondes have more fun? This one didn't - I ate her ice-cream. Ha-ha!

Why do grown-ups want so many photos? Beats me. I arranged for Peter to come along as he had shot the photos and video for mum and dads wedding. He arranged a few groups at the end of my party:

Dad managed to light my birthday cake candle outside:

Thats my great grandmother there. Sorry about my face - I was all-in by then. Tiring things these parties!

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