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If you are planning a wedding in the Basingstoke area do take a look at the Prices, the Photo Galleries, the Videos, and the Albums. This gallery illustrates just one of many venues for you to browse.

Wedding at Basingstoke Register Office and Holiday Inn Basingstoke Hampshire
© Ashton Lamont Professional Wedding Photographers and Videographers

Flower girl waches whilst bride and groom get married at Basingstoke Registry Office Basingstoke Hampshire

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Background Information and Highlights:

Very pleased with the photos, superb quality, they're all great, they captured our wedding perfectly and make a beautiful set of memories ..... and we didn't even notice you were there! We've watched the video and gobsmacked isn't even close. It is quite simply beautiful and has captured the extraordinary emotions ..... Becky is still in tears! Thankyou once more Peter from the bottom of our hearts.

Matt and Becky

Our bride and grom chose the pretty Basingstoke Registry Office (or "Register" office to give the office its correct title - which no-one uses!) for their marriage ceremony. The building itself is called Goldings and its in the town centre in London Road.

This was followed by their wedding reception at the nearby Holiday Inn Basingstoke Hampshire.

Our couple selected a short duration combined photography and video package starting shortly before the ceremony and finishing late afternoon after the informal speeches and the childrens entertainment had been completed.

The Basingstoke registrars were as always very easy to work with - professional photographers and videographers are not required to comply with any onerous conditions.

The Office can schedule numerous ceremonies on high-demand days and couples should be aware that it can get busy outside! We were lucky and had plenty of time before and after the ceremony to shoot our must-have photos unhurried. If it does get crowded the adjacent park is also a good location for the various group photos.

Many more guests joined us for the wedding reception at the Holiday Inn. Our couple kept things low-key with just a couple of short thankyou speeches. The kids were kep busy by none other than Queen Elsa of Frozen fame.

The first photo below shows the exterior front of Goldings - the Basingstoke Register Office. Very photogenic and the shade from the mature tree to the left of the camera position is welcome on very bright days.

If things get too busy outside Goldings - its a popular wedding ceremony venue - you can always adjourn 100 yards or so to the park next door. We didn't need to do that on Becky and Matts' day but had we done so the next photo shows you what awaits you in the park. Very nice!

There are several rooms licensed for wedding ceremonies inside the Office. This is the one our couple booked:

Becky and Matt arrived together for their ceremony:

And very soon the guests made their arrivals:

Peter shot the next photo with an extreme wide-angle lens enabling the capture of the ceremony in progress with the entire room visible:

The Basingstoke staff allow professional photography and video throughout the marriage ceremony:

We took advantage of the shade provided by the large tree outside Goldings to complete the various group photos:

Then it was off to the Holiday Inn Basingstoke for the wedding reception, where many more guests joined us.

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