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If you are planning a wedding in the Harrow and Watford areas do take a look at the Prices, the Photo Galleries, the Videos, and the Albums. This gallery illustrates just one of many venues for you to browse.

Victoria and Sean Photography Gallery. Wedding at All Saints Church Kenton Harrow Middlesex and Reception at Bushey Country Club Bushey Hertfordshire
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Wedding ceremony taking place inside All Saints Church Kenton Harrow

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Victoria and Sean chose an all day combined photography and video package, starting at the girls "getting ready" location and finishing shortly after the first dance.

Our couple were married at All Saints Catholic Church Kenton Harrow, which is in North West London just a short distance from Wembley Stadium. So there you are - you did know where it is!

All Saints Church Kenton is an easy church for professional wedding photographers and videographers to work within. As with most Catholic churches there were no unreasonable rules to limit the extent of the coverage. Our priest Father Carlos had travelled from Barcelona to stand in for the regular priest Father Dermot who was on annual leave. Carlos went out of his way to be helpful - a real pleasure to work with.

The interior of the church is light and spacious making shooting from alternative viewpoints straightforward. It has a balcony at the rear from which great photos and video of the wedding in progress can be shot. The only challenge is that the church's large roof windows let in a lot of bright sunlight and this falls directly onto the area where the bride and groom stand for most of the ceremony. This means that mid-ceremony close up shots of the bride and groom need a considerable amount of editing; fortunately the latest software can work some remarkable tricks to increase what we call the "dynamic range" in such scenarios and photos which would have been impossible a few years ago become more than acceptable. Phew!

The exterior of this modern church has limited opportunities for posed photos against photogenic backdrops and so its best to shoot the bulk of these at a more forgiving location - usually the wedding reception venue.

After the wedding ceremony we made the short hop to Bushey Country Club, located as you may have guessed in Bushey Hertfordshire, for the wedding breakfast and the rest of the reception.

Most brides go through agonies in deciding on their colour scheme - its a fact fellas! But in this case there was little doubt as to which colours would be selected. The blue and white of the bride's family's beloved Chelsea Football Club. Our groom favours red but somehow that didn't get a look-in. Peter of course included the flowers in the getting ready coverage and here is one of the "Chelsea" bridesmaids bouquets:

Bridemaids bouquet in blue and white

Victoria's dog had his own outfit for the wedding and we just had to have a photo:

Bride poses with her dog for photograph before her wedding at All Saints Church Kenton

The next photo shows the interior of All Saints Church Kenton Harrow in the quiet before the storm. Peter used an extreme wide angle lens to capture the feel of standing at the back of the church taking it all in.

Interior of All Saints Church Kenton Harrow North West London as seen from the rear of the church

Another wide angle photo this time illustrating the exterior of All Saints Church. There are no ornamental gardens or such like on this modern site so photo opportunities with posed groups are limited as you might expect in a busy area of north-west London. The church does have its own car park - always appreciated by professional photographers and videographers lugging heavy gear.

Guests gather outside All Saints Catholic Church Kenton for wedding ceremony

Peter always aims to shoot a few photos of the groom moments before the start of the marriage ceremony. All photos are shot in full colour, then Peter uses a variety of secret sauces to convert some to black and white. You can see both colour and black and white versions in the main galleries.

Groom poses for photo inside All Saints Church Kenton Harrow before his wedding ceremony at the church

Soon the ceremony was in full swing. In the next photo you can see how the bright sunlight may fall directly onto the bride and groom. Peter has rescued as much detail as possible but only so much can be achieved in such a composition. Photographers always pray for cloudy conditions for people shots!

Bride and groom during their wedding ceremony at All Saints Church Kenton

Close up photos may offer greater opportunities for optimising the detail. Here we see our bride listening to the readings:

Bride listens to the readings during her wedding at All Saints Church Kenton

The guests positions may not be affected by the sunlight in the same way and some great character photos become possible:

Usher watches wedding ceremony in prpgress at All Saints Church Kenton Harrow

The balcony at the rear of All Saints Church is a great location from which to shoot photos and video during the wedding ceremony. Here we can see our couple making their vows:

Bride and groom make their vows during their wedding at All Saints Church Kenton

There were no restrictions on shooting during the signing of the civil register. Thats quite unusual and its always good to be able to capture such a significant moment for real rather than as a posed setup photo afterwards:

Groom signs civil register after his wedding at All Saints Church Kenton

Peter was able to move around quite freely and make some more great character photos from the opposite side of the church. Here we see the proud father of the bride watching intently:

Father of the bride watches the wedding of his daughter at All Saints Church Kenton Harrow

That pesky direct sunlight played havoc with photos of our couples exit at the end of their wedding ceremony but hey its the ambience that counts!

Bride and groom make their recessional after their wedding ceremony at All Saints Church Kenton

Then on to Bushey Country Club for the wedding reception. The next photo shows the country club as a wide angle shot from the rear. The wedding function rooms are on the first floor; to the left is the main room hosting the wedding breakfast and to the right is the dance floor. There is a long thin balcony to the front of the dance floor:

Bushey Country Club Bushey Hertfordshire wedding venue as seen from the rear exterior

Bushey Country Club has a lovely area of lawns wild flowers mature trees and a lake a few minutes walk from the clubhouse. A golf buggy is available to ferry any guests who may need it. Peter shot the big group photos with the lake in the background before moving to an area of light shade on the other side of the lake for the other photos:

Guests pose for group photo at wedding reception at Bushey Country Club Hertfordshire

The shade afforded by the mature trees makes for more forgiving conditions for people portraits in bright and windy weather such as we had on the day:

Bride and bridesmaid pose for wedding photo at Bushey Country Club Hertfordshire

This lovely old building - unconnected with Bushey Country Club - is in full view from the club's grounds. It can make a nice alternative backdrop for photos - even though it has no connection with club weddings - in the right conditions. Peter shot this photo later in the day when some increased cloud cover enabled him to capture more detail in the scene:

View of old building from the grounds of Bushey Country Club Hertfordshire wedding venue

Most of the bridal photos were shot in the forgiving shade near the lake:

Bride and groom stroll through the grounds of Bushey Country Club wedding venue

Wedding cakes are often tucked away in dark corners but our couples cake had a prime location with a terrific backdrop:

Wedding cake at wedding breakfast at Bushey Country Club Bushey Hertfordshire

The speeches can be a tremendous photo opportunity. Here we see the much anticipated father of the bride speech in full flow:

Father of the bride makes his speech during wedding breakfast at Bushey Country Club

And character shots of the guests can work well:

Guest listens to speeches during wedding breakfast at Bushey Country Club

Guests laughs during speech in wedding reception at Bushey Country Club

Not sure whats going on here - but it does not look safe!

Guest plays games at wedding reception at Bushey Country Club Hertfordshire wedding venue

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